We are the lucky ones

FreedomIt’s an incredible gift to have a passion that gives you pleasure year after year. Something that puts a smile on your face. Something that you can look forward to every day.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find something that interests them forever. In fact, I think it’s rare.

Most of the equestrians I know have that passion. Usually it started in childhood. Our parents assumed we would “grow out of it.” But we didn’t.

We became adults and found ways to keep horses in our lives. Our spouses thought we would “grow out of it.” But we didn’t.

We found a passion that was endlessly interesting, where there was always something new to learn, and which somehow makes our lives complete and, well, happier.

When I haven’t been to the barn for a few days my family notices. I am short tempered, crabby and no fun to be with. An hour’s ride is restorative, therapeutic and invigorating.

I’ve heard people say that riding is less expensive than therapy. I’m not sure I could go that far — you could get a lot of therapy for the cost of owning a horse — but it’s certainly a whole lot more fun.




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