A bright, beautiful day

Shadows on the snow
The day was so bright that the shadows umped off the snow.

The calm after the storm was amazing today. It was so bright that it made your eyes hurt — the warm sun reflecting off the snow was blinding.

It was hard to believe that all Friday night we were caught in an epic storm. Today the temperature rose to 38 degrees and it was still. I was riding in a sweater after bundling up like the Michelin Man just the day before.

The snow was so pristine that it was irresistible. Freedom had so much energy that I was glad the snow was giving him a workout. Of course, it was so deep that I had to take it easy. I know that even just walking across the pasture tired me out. I do enjoy trotting and cantering through the snow —  it’s like riding through a huge cloud. But for Freedom, the effort was huge — like working continuously through cavalletti. A great workout, for sure!

Light on the snow
Light on the snow highlighted the patterns made by the wind.
Shadows on the snow.
Shadows on the snow.

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