Rachel Alexandra “stable” with improved appetite

An update from Stonestreet Farm:

Doctors at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky reported on Monday that 2009 Horse of the Year Rachel Alexandra’s condition remains serious but stable as she recovers from abdominal surgery performed Wednesday, February 13th following foaling complications.

Rachel Alexandra

Rachel Alexandra remains stable with an improved appetite on Monday. Rood & Riddle’s Brent Comer happily accommodates her desire to be fed by hand.

“If she wasn’t as smart and as strong-willed as she is,” said Dr. Bonnie Barr, “she wouldn’t be progressing the way she is.”

This morning Rachel was able to go for a short walk outside, during which time she ate a small amount of grass. She remains bright with normal vital signs. On Saturday, a small amount of feed was introduced in addition to her IV fluids and nutrition. Her appetite continues to improve and attending veterinarians, Dr. Bonnie Barr and Dr. Brett Woodie, remained encouraged by her progress through the weekend.

Please look for the next update on her condition Wednesday unless a change should occur.

Her new, brighter stall is lucky #13, just like the Preakness post position from which she also defied the odds.

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