Higher than a kite

Freedom on alert
Monday I took Freedom for a walk. Note the chain over his nose and the alert expression on his face as he scans the surrounding area for anything worth spooking at.

As I’ve mentioned before, Freedom turned up with a swollen tendon two weeks ago. He’s been under strict orders to keep quiet. Something he has, for the most part, done pretty well. But Freedom is a horse that needs a J-O-B.  With not enough to occupy him he gets antsy and reactive. He’s always a sensitive horse but after two weeks of no riding, I could barely touch him without having him dance under my hands, put his ears back and threaten to body slam me against the side of the wall.

No, Freedom is not the kind of horse who enjoys a lot of grooming when he’s resting.

To keep him marginally sane, I’ve been hand walking him. Think about having a 1300 pound kite on the end of a string in a high wind and you’ll get the picture.

Actually, he wasn’t that bad. He just felt good and was looking for any excuse to jump up and down, spook or get excited. He wasn’t disappointed. It was a lovely day (right before our most recent storm) and there were many people and dogs out on the trails.

Freedom tired
After our ride — which was almost an hour’s walk in the snow, Freedom was a different horse. A tired horse is a good horse!

Today, two weeks into his layup his leg looked great. I’d stopped wrapping over the weekend and he’s been off of Previcox for several days. Yesterday’s storm dumped about six or seven inches of snow and hand walking just wasn’t going to happen. I texted my vet and she gave me the go ahead to walk under saddle.

It was great. We were out for almost an hour and he was very good. The snow slowed him down a bit but I think he was just glad to be out. As you can see from the photo on the right, I came back with a horse that looks calm and relaxed for the first time in two weeks. He even let me run my hands over him without trying to kill me.

We are most definitely going to do the same thing tomorrow.

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