Andrew Nicholson makes Rolex look easy

Andrew Nicholson and Quimbo
Andrew Nicholson looks pretty chill jumping into the water!

You have to be a damn good rider to make Rolex look easy but that’s what Andrew Nicholson was able to do.

After starting stadium with horses in first and second place, he kept the lead to win on the magnificent Spanish-bred gelding Quimbo. With this win, Nicholson is now in direct competition with William Fox-Pitt to win the “Grand Slam” of eventing — where a rider must consecutively win Rolex, Badminton and Burghley. Both Nicholson and Fox-Pitt could win should one of them win Badminton next weekend. The prize is significant: $350,000 in addition to the winnings from the individual event.

At Rolex Nicholson looks completely (and amazingly) relaxed jumping into the water here and shows textbook form. Quimbo is a heck of a nice horse, too.

Quimbo Stadium
Some people speculate that Nicholson swings his lower leg back to make sure he doesn’t bring down a rail with his feet.

It’s interesting to compare Nicholson’s form cross country to his form during stadium. Given how his leg is rock solid cross country, he must let his lower leg swing back for a reason in Stadium. Whatever the reason, he is always in balance and gives his horse a great ride.

Here’s a great summary of all three phases:

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