Let the trotting begin!

Elephant Ears
The Elephant Ears are already huge! They make for quite a dramatic path to the bridge.

Freedom is now 12 weeks into recovery. He’s been walking under saddle for 45-50 minutes at a time without problem and . . .  drum rolls here . . . he can trot for short bursts.

So Monday, we took the plunge. Who would think that 20 seconds of trotting could be so much fun? We did four of those short trots over the course of a 50 minute ride

But Freedom didn’t just trot. He strutted. He arched his neck, flicked his toes and floated for those few seconds. He felt great.

I’ve really enjoyed riding other people’s horses but there’s little better than riding my own. He just feels right.

View over the pond
This is one of the prettiest times in New England. This is the view as you cross the first bridge leaving the barn property.

It was a beautiful day for a ride; the rhododendrons are out in full bloom and the grass in the hay fields brushed my feet. It’s such a glorious time to ride! I love walking through the tall grass and watching the birds dive into the grass and swoop through the air.

Of course, after trotting I was on the edge of my seat for the rest of the day, going back twice to check on his leg and make sure there was no heat or swelling. I decided to apply

Tall Grass
This was from my ride today. You can really see how tall the grass has gotten. I expect this pasture will be hayed soon. What you can’t see is the cloud of pollen that followed us.

some Sore No More poultice to play it safe.The good news is that the leg looks fine. I’ve ridden him every day this week and done a few short trots nearly every day. Fingers and toes remained crossed but so far his recovery is coming along nicely.

I am taking a very conservative approach to rehabbing this ligament. I just hope Freedom is aboard — he’s feeling very good right now and it’s getting hard to keep him quiet.


4 thoughts on “Let the trotting begin!

  1. “I’ve really enjoyed riding other people’s horses but there’s little better than riding my own. He just feels right.”

    SO true!

    And I think you’re definitely doing the right thing with a conservative approach. Your patience will be rewarded. Glad you’re enjoying the trot sets!

    1. I will admit to better living through chemistry. Freedom has a small cocktail of Ace before riding. I tried riding him without and walking was not on the agenda. The preferred gait was canter and that is not allowed for another month. Hope Hudson’s knee is improving.

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