Hot wiring your paddock for a cribber

Enough is enough
Click on the photo to go directly to Enough is Enough on My Equestrian World for a fencing strategy that will stop cribbing.

Thanks to one of my readers, Edward Caton, who responded to my post about Freedom cribbing on the fence posts, here’s an excellent way to hot wire your paddock. If you click on the photo or the link it will take you to the blog posting, Enough is Enough on My Equestrian World.

I will echo his findings that coating your fence with a foul tasting concoction doesn’t really work. I’ve tried hot sauce, dishwashing detergent and a spray that was guaranteed to stop a cribber in its tracks. After spraying the last option on the fencing, I could taste it in my mouth for days and when residual clouds of it floated in the air toward my face I wondered if you could go blind from it. Freedom, on the other hand, was deterred by none of them. At most the foul tasting substances stopped him from cribbing for a day or two. After that he either just ignored it or got used to it. The only thing that kind of worked was Cribbox but once you coat a surface with that you don’t want to touch it again for several months! I will ask our barn owners about adding some wire in the way that is shown in this posting.

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