Beating the heat

Peering out from the barn.
On hot days Freedom and Willow stay well inside the bank barn which stays cool and bug-free. This is the only time of the year that they use their stalls.

I laugh when I see horses bundled up in blankets and tucked into their stalls all winter. Horses don’t mind the cold like we do — they are far more uncomfortable when it gets hot. Freedom is out even in the worst of weather. He does wear blankets as if he gets wet and cold he shivers, but even when coated with ice he prefers the great outdoors.

Once I started turning my horses out 24/7/365 they taught me a lot. They refused to come inside during some of the fiercest storms . . . and yet they won’t come out of the barn during the hot summer days. I’m sure they’re out all night, but during the day Freedom looks at me with horror when I want to take him out for a ride in

Standing in the rain
Cool rainy weather doesn’t drive them in. Just the opposite. 54 degrees and a steady drizzle made me shiver while I fed but they showed no inclination to come in.

the heat. Mad dogs and Englishman!

Freedom and Willow are lucky as they live in a bank barn which stays much cooler during the summer months. They take full advantage of it. In fact, it’s the only time of the year they use their stalls.

This week it was cool and rainy. Where did I find them? Outside!

2 thoughts on “Beating the heat

  1. The heat is so hard on them. I’m fortunate my barn does night time turn out and each horse has a fan on for their stall during the day.

  2. I don’t even bother getting Hudson out during the heat of the day. Luckily he has a spot in his paddock situated on top of a small hill under tall trees…he gets breezes there even when the rest of the barn is sweltering. In winter, I always err on the side of blankets off if there’s a question he could get too warm. I’m always surprised by folks who use heavy (for CA) winter blankets year round on stalled horses, so they “keep their coats”. At 24, outside 24/7/365, Hudson is shiny and looks as if he’s been body clipped. Our flies are horrible already, worst year ever, despite predators, manure cleared off property etc. was thinking about a fly sheet, but worried it would be too hot!

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