It could be Zelda

We’ve noticed that Zelda likes to be part of the herd. So much so that she’s managed to “break out” a few times. We don’t think she’s figured out how to open the latch on the door. Nope, she’s figured out how to go through the door. We’ve found at least one broken snap!

Luckily she and the other mares are getting along fine — so we’re just letting them be together.

The mare in the video is pretty clever. Kroni was a Houdini horse and he would regularly open his stall door and let himself out. He never let another horse out but once, when I had my dogs locked in his stall, he opened the door because he wanted to go in. I couldn’t find my dogs for a couple of hours and I was seriously miffed that someone had let them out. Then I figured out who the culprit was!



One thought on “It could be Zelda

  1. We had a gelding that would let himself and all of his pals out. We had to put an additional bar in his door (it was a door with a v opening) and put a board down so if he somehow managed to get the pin out he couldn’t open the door. Escape artist!

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