Deja Vu

Zelda bears a strong resemblance to Kroni, the Trakehner I owned for 12 years.

Look again. That’s not Zelda! That was my Trakehner, Kronefurst (Kroni). Many people have commented on how much alike they look, and certainly from a distance, they do!

It’s more than just their color, although I am very partial to dark bay horses. Like Kroni, Zelda has a long back, is very sensitive, and is opinionated and very smart.

Kroni was a used as a breeding stallion before I got him, he was five when he was gelded and always maintained some of the attitude. You know the old say, “Ask a mare, tell a gelding and discuss it with a stallion”?

Zelda is probably two inches taller than Kroni and outweighs him by about 200 pounds. She’s also got that nice chrome.

Certainly that held true for him. Add to that his breeding (Trakehners are the “hot” warmbloods and his sire was known for being difficult) and tact was required.

Zelda is a draft cross and, despite her size, is a sensitive horse too. Now that I’ve been riding her for awhile I’m learning how to ask her for work in ways that she understands and appreciates. She is not a horse that you want to get into a fight with because she knows how big she is!

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