Surgardine as a Thrush and Wound Treatment

Freedom has developed some thrush this summer after standing in his stall during the hot weather. I’ve started using Sugardine again and thought it was worth re-posting this. Sugardine is a simple, inexpensive and very effective treatment using products that you probably already have at hand. You can also use Sore No More “the Sauce” instead of Betadyne.


My OTTB, Freedom, had a massive abscess blow out his heel a few weeks ago. While he’s sound on it, the exit hole has left a crack in his heel that extends up to his coronary band! To stabilize the hoof capsule, my farrier put on a bar shoe, but she also recommended packing the area with “Sugardine”, a combination of 10% povidone iodine, or Betadine, and sugar.

I’d certainly heard about the use of Surgardine in the past as a standard home remedy for thrush. I also know that SugarDyne is now marketed as a standalone treatment. So I looked into the science behind the concept.

It turns out that sugar has been used as a wound treatment for centuries. Sugar is an antimicrobial agent. It inhibits bacterial growth, draws fluids, and is gentle on new tissue. Combine it with an iodine solution and you have a substance that…

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