Zelda’s hooves – an update

zelda's right front hoof after shoeing
Zelda’s Right Front hoof after being shod today. Compare the divot in the front of the hoof to the photo taken seven weeks ago, and how much the flare has been reduced. Definitely improving!

It’s been seven weeks since Zelda had her first trim (from dinner plates to desert plates). Today she was shod for the second time. I think her feet are looking a whole lot better. The flare is vastly improved and the areas that needed to be resected (to remove bacteria) have grown out considerably. Of course, she gave us an interim opportunity to work on her feet by pulling her right front (why is it always the hoof with the most problems that loses a shoe?) and my farrier had the chance to work on the flair then.

Right Front Hoof seven weeks ago
Zelda’s Right Front hoof after her last pedicure. You can see that quite a bit of hoof had to be removed to deal with a bacterial infection. You can also see how the laminae was stretched by the flar

Zelda is now wearing bell boots to help keep those shoes on. She still has trouble remembering where all four feet are, especially when asked to leg yield or when she’s trying to convince me that she wants to do something other than what I’ve asked her to do, but that will come with time.

Zelda's hooves
Here are Zelda’s feet when she arrived. She had been shod the day before she got here so imagine how her feet look before then. The flare had made her feet ginormous.

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