Meet our resident fox

You can see the fox off in the distance. Before I got my camera out he was sprawled out and sleeping in the sun near Freedom.
Shy fox
Another day I saw the fox several times. After running off I noticed that he came back to watch me ride.

For the past month there’s been a fox hanging out at the barn — sometimes I see him/her while I’m riding, peeking out at me from the brush. He/she is a curious fox and not particularly afraid, just a bit camera shy.

Yesterday I turned Freedom out in the big field to graze for awhile. When I came back, the fox was stretched out in the sun about 50 yards from where he was grazing — two chestnut creatures enjoying the grass and sun.

Of course, by the time I got my phone out, I’d spooked him. But it was still amusing to see them so obviously comfortable with each other’s presence.


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  1. E, we have a fox in the park across the street. When I come home after dark, I drive really slowly hoping to catch the glint of his/her eyes with my headlights. When i do, it makes my day!

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