Does this App make my horse look fat?

New iPhone app helps owners caculate their rhorse's weight
Most horse owners don’t know what their horses weigh and often underestimate their weight. This can be a problem when dosing medication or de-wormers.

Horse owners need to know how much their horse weighs. it’s important for calculating medication and supplement dosages, how much hay to feed, how much de-wormer to use and to determine whether your horse is a good weight for his breed and size.

Figuring out your horse’s weight isn’t easy. Weight tapes are unreliable and it’s impractical to find a weigh station where you can drive your truck and trailer on with and without your horse.

Now the Healthy Horse iPhone/iPad app allows horse owners and professionals to estimate the body weight of various adult horses – Arabians, ponies, stock, saddle and miniature – by entering height, body length, neck and girth circumference. Ideal body weight and a body weight score are also calculated for Arabians, ponies and stock horses. Researchers at the University of Minnesota collected data on nearly 700 horses to develop the app.

The Healthy Horse apps retails for $1.99 and can be found at

2 thoughts on “Does this App make my horse look fat?

  1. Thank you! I bought this….looking forward to using on a bar full of Arabs and one plump QH. Whose diet seems not to be working!

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