Their Christmas Wish: Generous Hands, Both Kinds.

I love this idea. Since so many of our pampered horses don’t really need anything (except a more skillful rider!) now is a great time to make a donation to your favorite horse charity. My own personal favorite is CANTER helps retiring racehorses find non racing homes. I got Freedom from them and have also fostered a few horses. They do a wonderful job and, since the organization is staffed by volunteers, all the money you donate goes to the horses.

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My mail box is full of sale ads from every tack store on the planet this time of year. Someone who works in advertising is telling me what my horses want for Christmas. None of us here are that easy to shop for.

I see that they now make patent leather bridles. My mother made me wear tight patent leather shoes to church when I was little. I don’t think I could do that to a horse. Mine aren’t that church-y.

There are new winter blankets that look like vintage flowered bedspreads. Do manure stains show less on a pattern? It doesn’t matter; our blankets have family hand-me-down karma, worn by the last generation of good Infinity Farm horses. Except for the Grandfather Horse who still wears the winter blanket made for him 25 years ago. It’s patched and faded, but broken in just the way he likes it. When…

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