Horses rescued after falling through icy pond

Horses rescued
Two horses in Missouri were rescued by firefighters after they fell through the ice/

Fire fighters near St. Louis, Missouri rescued two horses who fell through the ice on a private pond.

The rescuers wore special ice suits to protect them from the cold and used chain saws to cut a path through the ice for the horses to make it out to dry land.

The mares, Meadow and Zinha, emerged with a few scrapes but are otherwise okay.

Please remember that if one of your animal falls through ice into the water you should never try to save them yourself. These two horses were lucky that the Fire and Rescue was

Horses rescued from icy pond
If your pet (horse or dog) falls through the ice, call for help. Never try to rescue them yourself.

able to get them out before hypothermia took over and, as you can see, they had the tools and the training to accomplish the job.

I have a friend who once tried to rescue her dog after he fell through the ice. She is a tiny woman with a very large dog; she became submerged as well and couldn’t bring the struggling dog out. An off duty fireman just happened to be walking his own dog past the pond and he was able to save both her and her dog, but she was very lucky.

6 thoughts on “Horses rescued after falling through icy pond

  1. I am more than a little shocked that the second horse, who seems to be quite shaken, is just left to trot off with a pat on the rump. No blankets, warm mash or anything like that. I’d be pretty damn worried if it was my horse.

  2. I wondered about that myself. I hope that once the video cameras were turned off the horses got a bit of TLC.

  3. Maybe the owner of the horse wasn’t there. The emergency workers may not have much experience with horses. Not to mention, giving the horses 5 – 10 minutes to unwind and settle doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me even if the emergency crew was used to dealing with 1.000 pound animals or the owner was present. In the wild when a horse falls in a creek or river, there’s no one there with a blanket. Keep in mind, horses aren’t people. They have a natural coat and physique that accepts considerably more exposure than a human. The rescue team deserves a pat on the back as far as we’re concerned. They got the horses out of a situation that might not have ended well.

    1. Undoubtedly the rescue team did a mighty job! Without them there would have been two dead horses! And the first horse to be rescued looked A-Ok, but the second one looked in trouble. Fair enough, the owner might not have been there, but you’d think a vet would have been called? IMO they’re looking at a potential pneumonia case, between the severe chilling and the risk of inhaling water. Seeing as we don’t actually know what happened next, I’m going with your theory of letting the horses unwind for a bit and that the owner took them into the barn to warm them up afterwards!

  4. I love when people weigh in on something they know nothing about. You weren’t there so I’ll fill you in: the second filly out (palamino/paint) was indeed stressed in the water but once she was on ground it was obvious she wanted to be near the rest of the herd including her mare. Within five minutes of the video ending both horses were in warm stalls being checked by a vet. They were toweled dry and after a roll in fresh shavings were showing no signs of stress or cold. So, hope you can sleep ok tonight knowing that these are VERY well-cared for horses. It was unfortunate the two got out to the ice and it was a lesson learned for all. Thanks for your concern.

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