4 thoughts on “Ready to Battle the Bugs

  1. I don’t bother with fly sheets for my boys. They both get fly veils, but that’s about it. It gets so hot over here that even with mesh rugs they seem to sweat, so I just leave them naked. I don’t have any problems with my chestnut sun bleaching which is great too 🙂

  2. I have used flysheets in the past but worried that a horse fly or other stinging insect would get trapped under one or that they would slip and cause panic/problems. These days I just use fly masks. Freedom mostly chooses to stand inside when it’s hot and buggy, so he found his own way to solve the problem.

  3. Charlie looks smashing! I used a fly sheet on Hudson last year. It significantly reduced the amount of chemicals I needed to spray on him. But so far this year conditions are not optimal to use it. First I didn’t put it on because it was too dang hot. Next I didn’t put it on when I discovered a nest of sand bees burrowing in his paddock. Afraid they’d get underneath…I’m on the wait list for a different paddock: more shade, no bees.

  4. My mom’s horse is either in her winter blanket, which has a neck, or a fly sheet, with a neck, and a fly mask, which they use in addition to fly spray and I believe the Freedom Spot On stuff.

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