Cold hosing a wound

Cold hosing a wound
Cold hosing is a great way to clean a wound, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. The proper way to cold hose is to direct a light flow of water above the wound.

Last week I returned from a ride, looked over at Charlie standing in the field, and realized that he had an injury. The kind of injury that looks like it needs stitches.  A quick iPhone photo sent to the vet confirmed it. As the she said, if the cut looks like it will talk to you, it should be stitched up.

While waiting for the vet to arrive, she wanted it to be cold hosed. Hydrotherapy is good for several reasons: it helps clean the wound, it reduces swelling and it can reduce pain. Charlie didn’t seem to be in any pain, which was good. He seemed quite content to stand still on the hot, humid day and let cold water run down his leg.

We’re not sure how Charlie got hurt. The horses were all out together in the morning and I heard that there was a bit of posturing and kicking at each other. I guess that Charlie interrupted Zelda and Curly during their mutual grooming session. I just hope it wasn’t Zelda who did it.

Charlie got three stitches
Charlie got three stitches. The area is silver because it was sprayed with Alu-Spray to protect it.

The vet came about half an hour later and put in three stitches. Charlie should be just fine. A few days of light riding and he will be good as new. In the meantime, to keep the wound clean and fly-free, it gets a coating a Alu-Spray (one of my favorite products)




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