New thoughts on treatment for Navicular

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.45.57 PMHere’s an interesting article from Dr. David Ramey on the use of Isoxsuprine as a a treatment for navicular disease, or really as a treatment for anything. I haven’t personally given it to any of my horses, but it definitely was part of the protocol for treating a pony in our barn that foundered.

I suspect there are many treatments that we still use for our horses (and ourselves) that have no scientific basis for working, but which we continue to do because after giving them in the past, our horse seemed better. Even if the drug has nothing to do with it.

One thought on “New thoughts on treatment for Navicular

  1. informative , in an entertaining way. Didn’t know that bone scan is the clearest dx tool for navicular.

    Oh I keep wishing for the magic remedy for navicular, but my horse has responded to good corrective shoeing, previcox, riding on soft footing and pacing. Now I’m adding Traumeel as an experiment. (with veterinary go ahead)

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