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Great Brook
The leaves are just starting to turn. It seems very early this year.

After the crisp cool days we’ve been having, today was nearly 80 degrees and humid. The horses are starting to get fuzzy and the heat was oppressive.

Today Freedom and I went with our friends Carol and Willow to ride at a nearby State Park. How lucky are we to live 30 minutes away from a park with riding trails and cross country jumps? Willow hasn’t had much experience trailering but Freedom is her best friend, so she traveled fine. The only area she needs to work on is backing off. She couldn’t see any reason to do that! She’s small enough that she can practically turn around in the straight stall.

We rode about 8 miles and had some nice gallops.

Great Brook Farm
We didn’t ride every trail in the park but we made a good effort! This is a very equestrian friendly park and the threat of thunderstorms kept the dog walkers at bay.

Freedom was actually tired. Hard to believe it but hunting yesterday must have sapped his energy and the heat and humidity did the rest. He still wanted to go (we’ve ridden there quite a bit and he knows where he is “supposed” to canter) but he was also willing to walk on a long rein.

Although it is completely unlike me, I will also admit that I was pretty tired by the end of the ride. My lower back was aching and I was ready to get off! Sure sign that I’m getting older. A few years ago, it wouldn’t have bothered me at all.

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