If only I could paint . . . or fun with Photoshop

I see so many beautiful things when I’m out riding — we ride through such exquisite landscapes, enjoy the different seasons and experience the natural world up close and personal. I wish that I had the talent to pain what I see. I enjoy taking photographs, but on horseback (and especially on a horse that insists on bobbing like a cork on the ocean) the straight photo just doesn’t capture what I saw. So, thank goodness for Photoshop. I’m having fun taking the photos and making them just a bit more atmospheric and, in an odd way, truer to life.Fall foliage




4 thoughts on “If only I could paint . . . or fun with Photoshop

  1. I would buy a painting like this! 🙂
    Think your photos from hunts, or trail rides in general are really pretty. You live in a lovely area!

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