Dressage horse or bucking bronco?

This horse seems to have multiple talents in both disciplines! And that rider gets kudos for sticking those bucks.

4 thoughts on “Dressage horse or bucking bronco?

    1. Wow, hard to know. I hope not. My guess would be that this horse has been successful at dumping riders in the past and thereby getting out of work. Maybe with a better rider, it will learn to play along!

  1. Holy mother of god, he’s sticking on there like he was superglued. The horse seemed to resign at some point and just give in to working “normally”, so I guess you’re right Liz 🙂 Too bad for the horse his tactic doesn’t work anymore.

  2. “….have to agree with Caramelia on all points and it seems that only a strong, confident rider should be schooling this one! On a side note, with this horse being particularly athletic, if it had been me in that saddle, I would have become a human projectile almost immediately!”

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