Getting fit after the holidays

I don’t know about you, but the holidays have left me feeling like a couch potato. It doesn’t help that we’re in the midst of a “polar vortex” which is weather-speak for too-damn-cold-to-go-outside. It’s all I can do to get the horses fed in the morning before my hands and toes freeze into uncooperative lumps.  The ground is like cement (if we had some snow I’d brave the cold for the fun of riding) and I have a continuous and overwhelming urge to curl up at home in front of a crackling fire and sip hot chocolate from a huge mug.

Over the break we spent some time in New York City. Not exactly the great outdoors, but at least there you walk everywhere! Now that I’m back in my rural/suburban surroundings, there is little incentive to walk further than the car.

So, to inspire myself (and you) to get our riding mojos back, here’s a video from the funny folks at Evention TV.

3 thoughts on “Getting fit after the holidays

    1. Thanks for reading! In the Northeast we have another week or so of miserable, cold weather. No snow, either! At least snow would make riding possible.

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