Zelda wants a fountain

Truck water tank
My husband brought over 140 gallons of water for the front tank.

Although we’ve had plenty of cold weather this winter (too much), we’ve had practically no precipitation. That’s a problem for our water situation at the Red Barn, where we depend on rain water to fill our tanks.

This week the front tank was down to just a few inches of water. Luckily, last winter my husband bought a pick up truck water tank. He brought some water over yesterday morning to tide us over until the big storm tomorrow.

Zelda checking out water
Zelda has to check everything out.

Zelda’s turnout is right next to the tank. She was fascinated and intrigued. She decided that this was a gift just for her.

Now she wants him to come back so she can have her own personal water fountain.

water fountain
She’s decided that she wants her own water fountain.

4 thoughts on “Zelda wants a fountain

  1. Zelda is beautiful and intelligent and I fully support her wish for a water fountain 😉 Can’t be too hard to do it?

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