Behold! The perfect mousetrap

mouse trap
The perfect mousetrap turns out to be a deceptively simple device that you already have in your barn.

Much has been made about the value of creating the perfect mousetrap. Well, I’m ready to collect my royalties. And guess what? The perfect mousetrap is a simple creation, one that I guarantee you will already have in your barn.

At home we’ve tried any number of traps and bait. We even have three cats. We still have mice.

At the barn, I can bet money on the fact that if one of these traps is left out at night, a mouse will be in it the next morning.

Shhh. Don’t let the secret out. It’s a bucket.

Yes, what I have found is that a bucket that has more than inch of water in the bottom is guaranteed to attract mice so when you show up at the barn in the morning, the first thing that greats you is a drowned rodent. I had ample proof of this last week when I found one mouse in the water tank, 2 in buckets and 1 — this was the worst — drowned in the grain that had been soaking for one of the horses.

Given that I’ve solved the age-old problem, I full expect to retire now so I can spend the rest of my days riding.

2 thoughts on “Behold! The perfect mousetrap

  1. haha yep – found this out after constantly releasing mice who would get caught in buckets over night… or maybe it was just the same silly mouse each time, who knows lol

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