Memorial Day Hunt

Monday's hunt
Our route on Monday took us on wooded trails, past a pond and down a dirt road (for an all out gallop)

Our last official hunt of the season was yesterday, and it was a great one! Hounds were cast across the street from our new barn. It was great to be able to ride across the street. No trailering!

It was still Freedom’s turn. I knew this would be a fast hunt and he’s a blast to ride on the hunts where he’s allowed to move out. He’s also so sure footed that I never worry about galloping him on trails or down hills. He was keen but listening. There was a lot of loft in his gaits.

Freedom was in for a treat, though. After the check we were able to ride up with the huntsman. There were a couple of good runs in that last piece and when we got back to the trailers, Freedom looked like he’d just finished a race. I probably looked about the same — it’s exhausting to keep up with him.

Here are some of the photos from the day.

Marianne & Anders
The hunt started and ended in front of this lovely pond. This was the first hunt for the gentleman on the left. He had the same smile when we finished, so I think he’s hooked.
Freedom Estabrook
Freedom before the hunt. He is always deceptively quiet while we are waiting for the hounds.
Staff horses
Staff horses conferring about their strategy for the day.
First Check
It was a steamy morning and the hounds enjoyed a swim at the first check.
Our Huntsman and her horse. You can tell he’s looking out for the hounds.
Hunt Horn
Calling the hounds into the second check.
End of the hunt
The end of the hunt — in front of one of the most beautiful ponds
After the hunt
Freedom — tired and finally relaxed after the hunt. He enjoyed a bath and a good roll.

8 thoughts on “Memorial Day Hunt

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I don’t know very much about fox hunting, but I’ve always seen people wearing black jackets. Are you allowed to wear whatever color you’d like? The blue jacket in the first picture is particularly lovely!

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Foxhunting has an informal, or cubbing, season in the spring and early fall. During the informal season you wear earth colored or tweed jackets, and brown boots are allowed, as well as stock ties with colors/patterns. During the formal season, which begins in October, you are supposed to wear black or dark blue jackets, black boots, white shirts and white stock ties.

    1. Funny thing is that two other members of our hunt have the same pattern, all bought separately. It’s funny when we all turn up wearing the same one.

  2. Regarding what to wear…isn’t the Master the only one allowed to wear a red jacket?

    Gosh, I can’t think of anything that looks like more fun than riding cross country with a bunch of other horseman on a glorious October day. Not that I’ve done it…but it sure looks like fun.

  3. Men typically where “pinques” or scarlet coats when they’ve earned their colors. Women huntsmen wear scarlet and women with colors sew the color of their hunt onto the color. Our hunt uses a dark green velvet. Typically you earn your colors when you’ve hunted for a couple of seasons and shown that you are capable and safe — also that you volunteer for activities.

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