Simply Red

REd Bridle
Zelda’s new bridle from Two Horse Tack is really fun.

Many years ago I shot a video for a client in Fort Worth, Texas. They knew I was an equestrian so they made sure to take me to the rodeo (where I saw my first reining horses and was blown away by them) and to ML Leddy’s a custom boot and saddlery shop.

While I was there, I saw a fabulous pair of red cowboy boots. I really coveted those boots but didn’t have the budget or the nerve to get them. I couldn’t imagine where I would wear those boots in Boston (duh, everywhere!) and wasn’t brave enough to make that kind of statement.

Fast forward 15 years and I will happily wear my red cowboy boots all around. I guess I’m old enough now not to care about wearing something different. In fact, I have several pairs of cowboy boots and almost always get compliments on them, although none are as nice as that pair of boots in Texas.

Zelda broke her schooling bridle recently. She has a penchant for rubbing her head on things after I dismount and she caught the cheekpiece on something and snapped it off.

It occurred to me that she’d look splendid in red. And she does. The bridle came from Two Horse Tack. I buy all my schooling bridles from them because I love Beta Biothane (dip in water to clean) and they are well made and a great deal. I keep an extra bridle in my trailer, too, for those emergency situations.

I’m just glad that Zelda has the confidence to carry it off. It looks great with her pink bell boots.

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