What’s Zelda doing on TV?

Aiden Turner riding Seamus
When I started watching Poldark I did a double take. What’s Aiden Turner doing riding Zelda? In fact, Zelda bears a striking resemblance to the horse he is riding, a 16 hand Irish Draught named Seamus. Apparently, Seamus has become almost as popular as the brooding Turner. His owners are getting calls asking Seamus to attend events as the visiting celebrity. Seamus is so important to the series that he has his own stunt double! In the original Poldark series, the riders had Thoroughbreds. This time, they are using more “authentic” mounts that represent the types of horses that would have been ridden in Cornwall.
zelda hunt
Okay, I’m not Aiden Turner, but Zelda sure looks like Seamus (only more feminine).

8 thoughts on “What’s Zelda doing on TV?

  1. Couldn’t help noticing this beautiful bay warmblood. Ross Poldark is good-looking, too.

  2. LOL…bet that she could outrun him, though!!!! (BTW — owe you a phone call — crazy days. Will ping you and give you the scoop!)

  3. Hey! I just wanted to say thank you for posting this picture from Poldark which then prompted me to ask what it was. I had no clue this was on PBS until you posted this picture. I’m so glad you did! I caught up with the episodes immediately and have been loving it ever since! So many great shows on PBS! And Ross Poldark isn’t too hard on the eyes, either. 😉 Thank you!

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