How much fun is a horse’s tail?

I love this video of the cat in the horse’s tail. It reminds me of my standard Poodle, Merlin. We got him when he was about a year old and he had never seen a horse before. He used to chase after me when I rode and would grab onto my horse’s tail. My instructor used to laugh until tears ran down her face.

Eventually, my very patient horse gave a very gentle tap to the mischievous dog and that was the end of tail surfing.

5 thoughts on “How much fun is a horse’s tail?

    1. That horse was saintly. He could have really hurt Merlin. He also loved one of the barn cats. I would find that cat in his stall many mornings, curled up in the hay.

  1. Oh, your dog is really smart, he needed to be kicked once to understand. Our stable dog was kicked 3 times in 3 days by my horse before he understood that tail surfing is dangerous 😀

    1. Slow learner! This was a standard poodle. He was very smart :). Got stepped on once, too. Never got underfoot again. Both times he looked mightily aggrieved.

  2. My dog did the same thing when she was a baby! I fully believe her getting gently kicked was what created the perfect barn dog she is today.

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