Keeping cool!

Freedom hosed down
Freedom enjoys being hosed down on hot days.

After a week of cooler weather, we are back to more typical August temperatures. These are beautiful summer days and I will treasure the memory of them all winter. But they are a bit hot for riding.

I love this video of a horse smart enough to create his own spa experience!

My horses, alas, have to depend upon the kindness of humans to hose them down and cool them off. Freedom, in particular, loves to get sprayed. Zelda? Not so much. She nipped me one of the last times I hosed her down, although I think she does appreciate the temporary relief.

Covered in mud
After getting hosed down, Freedom inevitably rolls so that he ends up covered in a crust of mud. It makes grooming irrelevant!

Then, they like to roll so that they emerge covered with a thick crust of mud and dirt, which I imagine works better than most commercial sprays to deter the bugs.

My horses spend most of the days in their run-in shed, and then venture out in the cooler overnight hours.

How do your horses beat the summer heat?

5 thoughts on “Keeping cool!

  1. I swear horses are part pig and part hippopotamus. They enjoy a good wallow.
    Mine likes to get hosed off, but he also enjoys 8a quick sponging. If one of his pasture mates is under the hose, he screams and stamps until the owner spritzes him too. Then off to roll in the dirt. 🙂

  2. I take mine to the beach. They love to swim and stand in the cool water when it is stinking hot outside. Bo will also stand under the sprinklers in the paddock and I swear if his water bucket was big enough, he would crawl into it.

    1. I have to ride on the beach this year. There are two that we can use but only off season. Maybe this fall I’ll make it up there.

      1. We have two that are close, one that had a good parking lot and wash bays but is a small stretch of sand and very close to the dog beach. The other one is a lot longer (great for gallop sets) but has no wash bays and a limestone car park. I prefer the longer one. 🙂

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