Finally, a bug-free day

Heading out
Today was beautiful. No humidity, no bugs. It was the first peaceful trail ride I’ve had on Zelda for quite some time.

Zelda hates bugs. She hates bugs more than any other horse I’ve ridden. The days when we are beset with deer flies she bucks and stamps and shakes her head even if she is literally dipped in fly spray before we leave!

Mostly I’ve been riding her in the dressage ring at the barn or in one of the fields. The bugs aren’t so bad there. At least the occasional buck is tolerable.

Hutchins Pond
The water on Hutchins Pond was mirror still.

So it was a relief to go out for a ride today. No humidity and no bugs! I could have ridden for hours. As it was, I logged about five or six miles on Zelda and then another 11.5 on a bike peddling with my daughter.

Scary Bridge
We crossed a new, scary bridge today. There was a lot of snorting before Zelda decided it was safe

Having been kept of the trails by the bugs, everything seemed fresh and new.

I did a nice loop around Hutchins Pond, which is a reservoir near my barn. Water levels are very low right now, so areas that were too marshy or wet to ride in are easily crossed. We encountered a new, scary bridge on our trip. It took Zelda a few minutes of thinking about it before she would cross. Of course, there was a man and his dog there. Both seemed pretty amused that a simple bridge would cause such consternation.

At the end of our ride, Zelda got a bath and a good roll. I have never met a horse that likes to roll as much as she does. Out hunting, she’ll drop and roll as soon as I remove my saddle! Luckily, she waits until then.

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