Kieffer monoflap XC saddle for sale

Kieffer MonoflapIf you’ve read my blog, you know I have a problem with saddles. I have too many! This year both Zelda and Freedom changed shape. That is both an opportunity (more saddle shopping!) and a challenge (I REALLY have too many saddles right now).

I am offering for sale a saddle that I love but which no longer fits Freedom and won’t ever fit Zelda.

This is one of my favorite saddles. It’s an 18″ Zugspritz Springen Spezial monoflap. This is an older saddle but has only had four years of light use. When I bought it, the saddle had never been on a horse. The leather used is very nice and it is in very good condition.

This is a very balanced, comfortable saddle with a very forward flap, ideal for a tall rider with long femurs. The stirrup bars are set pretty far back so it doesn’t put you in a chair seat. It rides like a true 18″.

The saddle is a generous medium tree. Until this year, it fit my Freedom beautifully. However, as he’s aged, he’s narrowed out a bit and the saddle is now too wide for him. While this is a wool-flocked saddle, we can’t add enough wool to make it fit and “padding up” is a bad idea for foxhunting as it makes the saddle unstable.

This saddle has a nice wide gullet. It has long billets that are in very good condition.

$1,100 — Sold without fittings. If you need a short girth just let me know. I’m sure I have one that could be included for a nominal fee.









4 thoughts on “Kieffer monoflap XC saddle for sale

    1. It looks very nice on a chestnut :). I’m sorry it no longer fits my boy but at age 18 his topline is changing.

  1. I had the same issue & went with a Bates Caparelli. It’s a beautiful saddle for the money. If my horse changes shape, I change a gullet instead of a saddle.

    1. Very smart! I have one of the old Wintec Pro Jump saddles (very similar to the Bates) and it’s been a real godsend. The trouble is my thigh bones are so long that it’s hard for me to find a saddle that fits my leg. The Wintec Pro is a great saddle but my knees are peeking over the edge of the flaps. One of my friends has the Bates and it’s a really comfortable saddle. As her horse has aged she’s needed to install a narrower gullet and it still works great for her.

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