Freedom’s Turn

Freedom was eager to get on the trailer and go some place fun. While Zelda can play hard to get when she knows we’re trailering out, Freedom is ready to go.

Freedom got the short end of the stick this fall with hunting. I pulled his shoes over the summer when he was dealing with the abscess-from-hell and by the time he was sound, it seemed too late to put them back on. Plus, I wanted to concentrate on hunting Zelda.

Last week I realized that Freedom needed a job. And he needed to get off property. It was after the great pasture switch up. When he’s in with too many girls he starts to think that he’s the herd stallion and forgets that he’s supposed to be a riding horse. He starts to become reluctant to leave the property and he worries where all the girls are all the time.

Wayside Inn
Our hunt left from Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury. The Inn opened in 1716 and is the oldest operating Inn in the country. Riding by the front of it you can hear the hoof beats of history.

I’ve been getting the feeling that he’s disappointed when I bring the trailer and load Zelda up. “Take me!” he nickers from his paddock. So, I took him to a fixture where I knew the footing would be suitable for hoof boots: Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury. And I remembered just how much fun he is to hunt.

Freedom loves hunting. He particularly loves the hounds and is always watching very carefully to see where they are and what they are doing next. Despite the fact that he hadn’t hunted yet this fall, he was very calm and laser-focused. I don’t think his ears moved out of their full alert position the whole time.

Sure, there was some jigging at the beginning of the hunt, but mostly he just enjoyed being out. His whole body radiated with pleasure and fun. Freedom is great to hunt because he is so tuned in with the hounds and because he is so light on his feet and balanced. When I ride him, I feel like we could run all day and he’d still have a reserve of energy.

Second cast
Watching the hounds work in the field.
We hacked over to the conservation land behind the Inn. This territory was originally hunted by Millwood Hunt Club, the predecessor of ONBH. There are still people who remember when you could ride to the Longfellow Inn and leave your horse in their barn while you had lunch!


Sudbury State Forest
Riding down the pipeline to the Sudbury State Forest.
Mary Martha Chapel
Our hunt ended by the Mary Martha Chapel. The Chapel was built by boys from the Wayside Inn Boys’ School operated by Henry Ford on the Wayside Inn property. Wood for the building came from trees felled by the historic hurricane of 1938.
The Martha- Mary Chapel is one of six non-denominational chapels built around the country as a tribute to Henry and Clara Ford’s mothers, Martha Bryant and Mary Litogot Ford.

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