I understand why some people want their horses in individual turnouts — they are afraid they will get hurt. Freedom is always covered with scrapes, cuts and bite marks. It’s not from meanness. He plays hard. And often. Luckily, Willow seems to enjoy the game as much as he does. And even if he does look scruffy, I’m glad he has so much fun. When I first got him, he didn’t have a lot of experience playing well with others. I think he’s figured it out.

Thanks, Lindsay for catching the two in action!


3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. It’s important for horses have play time together, they’re gregarious. These 2 remind me of the 2 ottbs my older mares are turned out with. They chase and buck and rear and look like they’re trying to kill each other, then go to the run-in and share a flake of hay 🙂 My 2 old gals just continue grazing and completely ignore them.

  2. Exactly! These two happily eat off the same pile of hay. Freedom was like this with my Trakehner gelding, too. Always nipping at him and then jumping away in mock surprise.

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