Procrastination Pays Off

April Snow
This would be pretty if it wasn’t April 5th.

Usually by the first week of April, I’ve already clipped my horses — eliminating that annoying shedding out period — they have shoes on, and I’m planning my first hunt.

This year, I’m behind. My horses are still hairy yaks and they are still barefoot.

Just as well! Because we had about 4 inches of snow yesterday. They were glad of their warm coats and I was glad the snow wasn’t balling up in their shoes. Sometimes it’s better to procrastinate.


3 thoughts on “Procrastination Pays Off

  1. I’ve been so tempted to clip Hudson. Every day, I’m getting enough hair off him to make a Shetland pony. Problem is we’re having 35 degree temp,swings. 75 during day (sorry) and 40 at night. And we are both so over blanketing. If it helps, I discovered what I consider a miracle product: EZblade. It works better than a furminator, and is considerably less expensive. He’s a big guy, but I like the 5″ length. Easier for me to hold. (Nope. Company doesn’t know I exist, lol. It’s a great tool in the hair season arsenal!)

      1. I’ve ordered one based on your recommendation 🙂 I will need a lot of help getting ready for hunt season — which starts a week from Monday!

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