Staying Cool

Freedom shower
Freedom enjoyed getting hosed down after our ride

It’s been hot here. All week. The only times to ride are early in the morning and just before sunset, but in the evening you also have to contend with the bugs.

I’ve been working him in the shady parts of the field

I took Freedom out early, but maybe not early enough. I looked for a shady part of the field to ride in because the direct sun was brutal by 9 (I probably need to ride at 7 but can’t get myself up and out of the house that early!)

Freedom needs regular work or he “forgets” that he’s supposed to work for me. He doesn’t need much, just a reminder. Just as well because it’s too hot to do much.

Hot and tired
Here’s Freedom after a 35 minuted ride. No, I didn’t run him off his feet. It was hot and humid out. And he got a little excited. Mostly we worked on bending and leg yields at the walk and trot. It looks like he just completed a leg of a Pony Express route!

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