Back in the Hunt Field

Back in the hunt field
Despite the inauspicious start to the morning, the rain stopped before the hounds were cast.

Although we arrived at the hunt muddy, the trailer ride did it’s magic and Freedom was at least dry when we got to the hunt. I managed to get *most* of the dirt off of him so that we looked reasonable respectable.

Freedom was very excited to be back hunting. In fact, I made a strategic error by not wearing gloves because he was very strong and bouncy. He certainly has not forgotten that hunting means “follow the hounds” with enthusiasm.

The wet weather did leave the footing pretty slick and Freedom had one good skid during the first gallop. He felt okay right after but later in the hunt I began to wonder if maybe he’d tweaked something because he stopped wanting to canter. He was fine at the trot, so maybe he just decided it was safer. He has his fancy glue-on shoes in front but is barefoot behind, and that’s where he slipped.

I gave him some bute when we got home. It rained again today, so I gave him the day off and will check tomorrow to see how he’s feeling.

Freedom's ears
You can see that Freedom has a laser focus on those hounds!
The first cast
One of the benefits of the wet conditions was that the scent stays well. We saw some nice work from the hounds.
Fall foliage
The sun almost came out at the end.
After the hunt
Freedom was a lot cleaner after the hunt than before!

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