A last taste of summer

Cooling off
Hard to believe that it was 65 degrees at the beginning of November. But, who’s complaining?

We had a beautiful day last week that happened to coincide with a hunt. It was a bit of a drive but who could complain about riding in the sun when it’s in the low 60s? Especially as it had been so cold overnight that there had been ice on the water tank?

Zelda was a good girl. I think she’s remembered that long hunt. Or maybe the new gag bit has made an impression on her? After she became a little too enthusiastic about rooting and snatching at the reins, a friend gave me a happy mouth one ring gag. It’s not a severe bit (she has a sensitive mouth), but it’s stopped the rooting and allowed me to ride her with a much softer feel. It’s also saving my back; at the end of a hunt the rooting was causing a lot of lower back pain.


We hunted in Callahan State Park where the hunt started on an Aqueduct.
Everyone enjoyed the day!
The horses enjoyed the sun (and grass) after the hunt.
Zelda at pond
I tried to get Zelda in the water but she would have none of it!



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