It looks so peaceful

Evening at the barn
It looks so peaceful as the sun is setting at the barn and the horses have had their dinner.

It looks very peaceful on this late afternoon at the barn (I hate it when it’s dark at 4:45!). But looks can be deceiving.

Just a few minutes before, there was pandemonium. I broke one of my rules. Instead of bringing Freedom into the barn to put on his blanket, I threw a halter and lead rope on him in the field. I was just about to fasten the final buckle when Willow, who was very interested in what I was doing, squeezed between Freedom and the fencing. Somehow she got her tail caught in the electric tape. It must have shocked her because I didn’t know she could move so fast.

Suddenly, she was running full tilt down the hill, about a fifty feet of electric tape and few step in poles chasing after her.

Freedom, who had been standing there half asleep, sprung into action and ran after her. He sent me flying (luckily the ground was pretty soft) and then the two of them stood, snorting, at the bottom of the hill.

I’m okay, other than some bruises. Freedom and Willow are okay. The only casualties were the blanket (which can be repaired) and the fencing, which I put back up in the dark.

The bottom line? Never break your safety rules. Never forget that horses are prey animals. And never assume that you’re safer on the ground!

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you around horses when you weren’t riding?

2 thoughts on “It looks so peaceful

  1. Well, before a competition I was grooming my horse and she was tied to the trailer. I stepped on the lead rope – she pulled her head up – I went airborne (connected to Gogo wifi at 10000 ft) and landed on my back and neck. This was 6 weeks after a bad concussion !!!

  2. Yes — I think you win with that one! Amazing how much damage they can do when they’re not even trying!

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