The Ultimate Sales Video

Man, this is one of the most amazing and thorough sales videos I’ve ever seen. I actually watched the entire 20 minutes. This is one trail broke horse, but also a horse that looks like a lot of fun to ride. Neither of my two, despite years in the hunt field, could perform up to these standards! I’m going to have to work on a few of these skills.

The funniest thing in the video is that Walter shows a lot more humor (love how that horse will fetch a frisbee) in the video than his trainer, Zackery Stevens, who has the most deadpan voice over ever.

I’ve seen a few threads over the years asking how much it costs to buy a solid trail horse. The answer appears to be $50K. That’s what Walter sold for, according to the site where he was listed.

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sales Video

  1. He seems to be a wonderful trainer, but it made me sad he had to / wanted to sell Walter. It has to be hard for such an intelligent horse to suddenly not be around HIS human anymore 🙁

  2. Yes, it seems like they had a real bond. From the video I wonder if this is his business . . . bringing along a horse or two until they are ready to sell. Walter did have a lot of personality. I hope he bonds well with his new human.

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