Freedom’s Clip Job

Freedom's Clip Face
This is what Freedom thinks about getting clipped. He loves it!

Freedom’s a funny horse. He doesn’t really like being touched or groomed. He can put the fear of God into his massage therapist and don’t even think about sticking an acupuncture needle into him.

Clipping Freedom
Usually I ground tie him outside when clipping. He doesn’t need to be tied.

But he loves getting clipped.

This afternoon, after three days of temperatures in the high 60s, I decided to clip him. I parked him in the back paddock. He doesn’t need to be tied and I like to clip outside where the light is better and the hair blows away. He doesn’t even need hay. It’s one of the only times that he stands absolutely still.

I think the clippers tickle him because he will reach around and nudge me when I get to certain spots. My philosophy is always to start with just a low trace clip and then take more. Freedom is patient and when I stop, he starts to yawn, lick and chew. Exactly what I would hope to see after a massage.

Happy face
Freedom shows all the signs of relaxation and release when I finish the first side.


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