Another Spring Season Ended

Zelda hunting in Acton
This season went by way too fast. I didn’t get to hunt as much as I wanted, but the hunts I rode in were great fun!

Sadly, the spring hunting season has ended. I only hunted a few times but each one was tremendously good fun and I did get both horses out.

Zelda huntingOur last hunt was one of those perfectly sunny spring days that was verdantly green. We’ve had a lot of rain in New England this spring and everything is glowing. Zelda got this hunt, partially because she’s barefoot and the footing here is always excellent.

This was a hunt where she finally settled in. I think the last one (which was about 11 miles) taught her to conserve her energy because we might be out for hours! She was far more adjustable and didn’t even think about bucking.

I’ve been riding at the back of the field with a friend of mine who has a green horse. I think it’s very helpful for a horse to learn to hold back, no matter how much fun it is to whip or ride with the huntsman. Zelda took some convincing, but for this hunt, she was a real lady.

Despite the peaceful look of the photos, we had a few good runs in between them! Next season I’m going to have to try a Go-Pro so that I can capture the action.







Zelda's well-deserved roll.
Zelda enjoyed a well-deserved roll after the hunt.

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