Last ride before the flies

The perfect cloud
We visited the most perfect field and saw a perfect cloud.

Today was the first day the deer flies were out. Sigh. Although I doused Zelda with Deep Woods Off, they still drove her absolutely crazy. Last week it was still safe to ride in the woods and I managed to fit in a glorious ride to my favorite field.

I hadn’t taken a good long ride in awhile, so on the Fourth of July, I set off with no deadlines. The beauty of the holiday was that no one was out on the trails. I know many people who don’t like to ride alone but Zelda is pretty steady and she is good company. She balked a little at one bridge crossing, but since she’s so big, I decided she was going regardless.

We covered about 8 miles and got back tired, hot and happy.

4th of July
Looking down toward the pond. Zelda has her fly mask on but the bugs weren’t bad.
stained glass
At certain times of the day, the leaves light up like stained glass.


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