Flip Flops & Horses Don’t Mix

Woman loses toe
A rider lost a toe when she was wearing flip-flops to lead two horses and one spooked at a sign.

It’s oh, so tempting to leave your sandals on during the summer, even when you are working around horses. A young British woman paid a price for that decision a few weeks ago when one of the horses that she was leading spooked and landed on her foot. The result? She lost a toe.

Injured heel
If you need a reason to wear boots around the barn, here’s a good one!

I learned my own lesson the hard way two years ago. I slipped into the pasture to give Freedom his grain and something spooked him. He jumped three feet to the left and landed on my heel. I was lucky. Although it was very painful, he didn’t break anything but the skin. I was wearing slip on shoes that didn’t provide enough protection.

Lesson learned. I always wear boots around the horses. No exceptions. You should, too.


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