Not Afraid of Plastic Bags

This sales video is hard to top!

Another potential buyer for Pumba said to me, “so she’s ok with kids and llamas but what does she think of chickens and is she scared of plastic bags?” So I thought, well why would they ask that? Maybe they need her to help with the groceries… (No horses, roosters or people of Papakura were harmed during the making of this video…. incredibly.)

Brookby Heights International

2 thoughts on “Not Afraid of Plastic Bags

  1. My horse used to be terrified of plastic bags. He almost dragged me across the arena once. He’s (mostly) fine with them now, especially because we serve him watermelon from a shopping bag, so he loves them! 😊

    1. Good way to get him used to plastic bags. After watching that video, and some of the other ones on their site, I realize that I have some work to do with my two!

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