Fall is Here


While it’s hard to let the warm weather go — after all, it will be winter before we know it — riding in the crisp fall afternoon is such a treat. The light is sharper, the air is clearer and Zelda has a lot more energy. We had a good five mile ride as we watched the shadows get longer and the last of the sun’s rays illuminated the trees. I can’t think of a better way to end the work week.

2 thoughts on “Fall is Here

  1. I’m in Australia and we are in spring now! Love this time of year, although my Thoroughbred is a little sensitive to the change of season. Enjoy the weather before it gets too cold!

    1. Ideally I’d just keep moving around the country (or the World) so I could ride Spring and Fall all the time. Although I love a gallop through the snow, winter is losing its appeal.

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