Hunting under a Big Sky

Top of the world
This is one of my favorite hunts, especially the start where we climb up onto a hill to watch the hounds work.

Sometimes I feel guilty about hunting on a Tuesday morning. Today, I wrestled with my conscience because there was work piling up. But after several days of rain, the beautiful day beckoned. I’m glad I rode under the big sky. Freedom felt good and we came back tired and relaxed.

This hunt territory is one of my favorites, especially the beginning. We hack to the top of a hill where there’s an excellent view of the first cast.

Watching the hounds
Waiting for the hounds.
Freedom on alert
It’s hard to believe that Freedom can see the hounds that far away, but he was on alert. Once hears the fieldmaster’s horn, he knows what’s coming. This was a good first hunt of the season for him as the footing was good and it wasn’t too fast. We covered about 6.5 miles, most of it trotting.
Big open fields
I particularly enjoy the territories with big open fields. Some of these fields had big holes in them so it was important to be careful.
Planted fields
Many of the fields had recently been planted and the green sprouts glowed in the sun.


Good Hounds
The hounds enjoy a well-earned treat at the end of the hunt.
Funnily enough, Facebook reminded me that I hunted at Surrenden Farm on the same day last year. Looking at the photos, I was struck by how far behind the fall foliage is this year. Last year we were surrounded by brilliant reds and yellows.
Freedom never admits that he’s tired while we’re out hunting, but he was ready to go home. Someone who had never seen him in the hunt field remarked — before the first cast — how calm he was. That didn’t last and he exerted a lot of vertical energy!

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