All I want for Christmas is a Motor Pony

OMG, these Motor ponies  look like a hoot. They are just one of the stable of motorized “stock” from from Rodeo Zone Tech, the brainchild of rodeo contestant/owner/inventor Jim Donnelly.

While the bulls and broncs are used to train rodeo athletes, those cute little motorized ponies are just good fun.

Take him on a trail ride, use them for work horses around your property. The Motor Ponies can even pull a small utility wagon.  Even try your hand at hosting some fun rodeo events like: barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway roping and even team roping with our Jr Robo Steer.

Motor Ponies
Saddle up and hit the trails. These battery operated ponies have about three to four hours of juice depending on the terrain.

These patented-pending ponies rein like real horses and perform sliding stops when you pull back on the reins (thanks to hydraulic brakes). The ponies rein like a real horse and can perform sliding stops. They are covered in real cowhide and can be custom built, right down to the brand.

List price on the ponies $4,995. Not too bad considering they don’t eat and they’re easy to clean up after. And if you want to practice some roping or penning, there’s a motor steer for $3195!​


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