Huntswoman vs. Saboteur

A British huntswoman was filmed recently in a tussle with balaclava-masked hunt saboteurs. From what I can hear on the video, the saboteurs were on private land protesting the hunt (which, by the way, was a drag hunt not a live hunt). The hunter rode toward the man telling him to leave private land. In response, the man grabbed the horse’s bridle and the woman then struck him repeatedly with her crop.

huntswoman vs. saboteur
This clash between a hunter and a hunt saboteur has a lot of people debating who is right? What do you think?

Comments on the Daily Mail in the UK run in favor of the woman but there are a lot of people who support the saboteurs, as well.

What would you do if a man (whose face was hidden) grabbed your horse’s bridle? Should the hunt have just ridden off without confronting them? I just hope that no protesters show up at any of our hunts.

2 thoughts on “Huntswoman vs. Saboteur

  1. Gonna have to side with the rider as well. Especially if they are legally hunting (yeah, not even a live hunt, get over yourselves protesters) on private land, these protesters are trespassing, and physical contact by this masked man is a no no, I’d have beat him too.

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