The Snow Begins

Freedom in the snow
The big snowstorm started a bit later than anticipated. When I fed the horses, around 9 a.m., there was only about an inch on the ground.
Even without a lot of snow, Zelda was starting to look like an icicle.
Curly was dry
Guess who was smart enough to stand inside the shed?

I haven’t been outside for many hours, but last I checked we had white out conditions and snow was falling at a rate of 2-3″ per hour. When I fed this morning, there was only an inch or two on the ground and the horses looked pretty cozy in their Rambo blankets — funnily enough, all three of them are wearing versions of the iconic blanket. I guess it’s because they are warm and wear like iron. Freedom’s purple Rambo is more than 16 years old. I bought it for his predecessor!

I left them with lots of hay, some soaked cubes, and a heated water tank. While many people I know prefer to tuck their horses into stalls on winter nights, I think there are some benefits to having them out — they can move around more freely, the water stays drinkable, and they have shelter from the wind. When I worry about them, I remember that the retired horses on the property aren’t wearing blankets and one of them is pushing 34. And that Zelda was bred and raised in Canada, where they horses live out with no blankets but plenty of hay.

What have you done to keep your horses warm this winter? Do you have a favorite blanket brand for when the temperatures drop and the snow is falling fast and thick?


4 thoughts on “The Snow Begins

  1. I’m a big fan of Rambo/Horseware blankets and just plunked down $$ for a new one for a new mare this winter. She is smaller than my usual 81-82 sized guys. My Clyde/TB came from Ontario and grows a coat like a wooly mammoth, but put a blanket on him in this wind and because his weight is down (on purpose to manage Insulin Resistant problems). I offer extra hay, maybe a mash for extended cold, but cross fingers they have all been doing fine. Hope all your guys are comfy. I enjoy the pictures. Regards from a former Massachusetts native.

  2. Zelda is a Clyde-TB as well. Not sure I remember where in Canada she grew up but I remind myself that she’s survived the cold before. I was lucky and found her a Rhino heavy weight blanket in the clearance section at SmartPak. Last one in her size. I’m actually afraid to look outside and see how much snow we’ve gotten :).

  3. It’s so cool (sorry) to get an insight into what it’s like on the colder side of the world. Here in Australia it’s currently incredibly hot. In my part of the world (North QLD) we don’t get much of a winter. It occasionally get down to 8 degrees Celsius

  4. This may be our last winter! Not enjoying the freezing temperatures much this year. Usually it’s in the 20s or low 30s. That seems almost balmy in comparison!

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